Specification of this high quality PVC Picket Fence

The road modern picket fence designs has bright colors, smooth surface, high strength, strong toughness, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, no fading, no cracking, no embrittlement. It is suitable for the middle of urban roads, clean and spacious streets and bright and beautiful guardrails , build a beautiful landscape, add luster to our city; let our high-quality urban construction take it to a new level. We are the most profiled and best designed in the industry; many profiles are patented. Structural profiles are not only aesthetically pleasing, but high quality modern picket fence also have many intelligent and unique features that save labor; reduce transportation costs; or make assembly easier. Completely free of recycled materials, the structural fence is protected by 100% original vinyl with the highest possible UV protection to ensure durability, flexibility and weatherability.

Separation function: Separating motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrian traffic, vertically separating roads in sections, enabling motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians to drive separately, improving the safety of traffic road isolation barriers and improving traffic order. Blocking function: will block bad traffic behavior, blocking pedestrians or bicycles or motor vehicles trying to cross the road. Custom industrial picket fence requires the guardrail to have a certain height, a certain density (refer to the vertical column), and a certain strength. Warning function: Through installation, the outline on the guardrail should be concise and clear, warning the driver to pay attention to the existence of the guardrail and pay attention to pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, so as to prevent traffic accidents. Outdoor picket fence designs Aesthetic effect: Through the different materials, different forms, different shapes and different colors of the guardrail, the harmony and coordination with the road environment can be achieved.

Parameters of this high quality PVC Picket Fence
Fencing style  Picket fence  Pool fence   Privacy fence  Horse 
Usage  Home Fence, Garden Fence,Horse Fence,Pool Fence
Material   100% Virgin PVC
Certificate   ASTM, CE, ISO9001
HS CODE    3925900000
Fire Proof  V-0
Warranty   30 Years
Volume of Section 0.17CBM 0.05CBM 0.08CBM
Color  white, tan, grey, woodgrain
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